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"Jaci (from the Tupi, "mother of the animals"), in Brazilian Mythology, is the moon goddess, protector of the animals, lovers, reproduction, plants, night, moonlight, offerings, and maidens."

Duo Jaci, a captivating ensemble comprising Francisca Portugal on violin and Aarón Ormaza Vera on piano, embarked on its musical journey in 2023, with the debut in the 'Echoes of Nothing' concert series at Muzikgebouw in Amsterdam, performing their enthralling project titled 'Hungarian Nostalgy'.

Since their study times at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Duo Jaci has graced various stages as part of chamber music groups and other musical collaborations. They have actively contributed to educational initiatives, including a performance in Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam, as part of a children's didactic concert.

Notably, Duo Jaci's performances have caught the attention of several organizations, including the 'Artistic Agency Goodmesh' in Den Haag and 'Snaren op Swaluw' in Hooge Zwaluwe, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended their concerts.

With the resounding success of their 'HILDO' project, celebrating the connection between Brazilian, Portuguese, and Ecuadorian classical music, Duo Jaci has captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts. Their innovative recital program, inspired by these rich cultural influences, promises to offer a truly unique and memorable experience for audiences.

As they look toward the future, Duo Jaci has an exciting lineup of concerts planned for the upcoming season. Among these eagerly anticipated performances is a recital in Theater de Bussel, 'Buitengewoon Klassiek,' scheduled for May 2024.


The mUsicians

Francisca Portugal


Aarón Ormaza vera




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