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Grimm Duette

... with a love for literature

Suppose you ever have the opportunity to attend one of the Grimm Duette's concerts. In that case, you will not only have the chance to listen to beautiful compositions but also to experience a whole journey of understanding behind the stories of each piece. Our goal is to share these stories, as well as funny historical events and personal experiences, aiming to connect with the audience in a deeper way and transform the typical classical concerts into something fun and engaging.

... a musical storytelling violin duo

Since its formation in 2017, the violin duo 'Grimm Duette' has been devoted to music storytelling, by combining existing reportoire from across the musical eras and genres, and arranging their own versions of famous violin virtuoso pieces or even symphonic works, with the aim to present a large spectrum of classical music reportoire anywhere and at any time.

... and a promising future.

Finalists of the Grachtenfestival Competition 2022, the Grimm Duette has built over the years an outstanding reputation throughout the Netherlands. The duo has been invited several times to perform on radios, such as Concertzendert Actueel, and emblematic halls all over the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. 

For a closer look at our upcoming concerts, news, projects and brand-new arrangements, please follow us on social-media. 

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19 Aug 23 


Grachtenfestival - Museum van de Geest, Haarlem

Grimm Duette

04 Oct 23


Live Music Now - Ermelo, Netherlands

Grimm Duette

18 Nov 23


Q. Festival - English Reformed Church, Amsterdam

Grimm Duette

11 Dec 23


Kloosterkerk, Den Haag

Grimm Duette

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