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Violin Lessons

With Francisca Portugal

For beginners, intermediate & advanced

Den Haag

Beeklaan or Amare

English, Spanish, & Portuguese 


Bachelor & Master Degree

Conservatorium van Amsterdam







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c l a s s e s .

Grimm duette

"Jaci (from the Tupi, "mother of the animals"), in Brazilian Mythology, is the moon goddess, protector of the animals, lovers, reproduction, plants, night, moonlight, offerings, and maidens."

Duo Jaci, composed of Francisca Portugal (violin) and Aaron Ormaza Vera (piano), began its activity in 2023 with its first performance in the 'Echoes of Nothing' concert series at Muzikgebouw (Amsterdam), with the project 'Hungarian Nostalgy.'
The Duo has participated in various performances and chamber music groups together in the past. Recently, they are creating a recital program inspired by the combination of Brazilian and Portuguese classical music with the “HILDO” project.

Their primary focus is repertoire based on classical Latin music, namely Brazilian, Portuguese and Ecuadorian music, according to the nationality and ancestry of both musicians. Their objective is to explore a wide range of repertoire, promoting current composers and sharing music from lesser-known composers.

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