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Violin Lessons (Den Haag)


Anyone can learn how to play the violin

I firmly believe that passionate and hardworking individuals can develop their violin skills independently of their current level. To make this possible, it is essential to focus on the background of each individual and tailor the teaching method according to the student's capabilities and preferences.

About Me

For the past seven years, I have been living in the Netherlands, where I have taught students of various ages, nationalities, and proficiency levels. During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in a methodology course that significantly influenced my approach as a teacher. My favorite aspect of teaching is that we can have fun while learning from each other.


Learning the violin doesn't necessarily mean aspiring to become a professional. There are many ways in which music can fulfill your needs without becoming overly serious. It all depends on your desires. Do you want to learn how to read music, or perhaps explore a specific music style (classical, jazz, pop)? Let me know your ideas in a trial lesson!


As a professional musician, I enjoy using lessons to share some of my past experiences with students. Depending on the career path they want to pursue, I ensure that I address all their needs and establish a clear plan to achieve their goals. In addition to solo repertoire, I am enthusiastic about working on orchestral excerpts and audition preparation during lessons.



I vividly recall the moment I saw a violin for the first time, my initial lesson, my first teacher, and even my first concert. I cherish many happy memories about my first contact with music. While teaching children, my only wish is to make their lessons as memorable as mine were. We will play fun games, explore how the instrument works, train the ear, and take the first steps in learning how to read music.


The lessons can be taught online or in person. For those who prefer in-person lessons, there is the option to come to my place or Amare.

Lesson Packs (5 Lessons)

Lessons                              Adults                             Up to 21

5x 30 min.                       €169,00                        €139,00

5x 45 min.                       €239,00                       €197,00

5x 60 min.                       €319,00                        €263,00

Lesson Packs (10 Lessons)

Lessons                              Adults                             Up to 21

10x 30 min.                     €299,00                        €250,00

10x 45 min.                      €449,00                       €379,00

10x 60 min.                      €585,00                       €487,00

Trial Lesson

Lessons                              Adults                             Up to 21

1x 30 min.                        €25,00                          €25,00

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